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JANE DOE: Mac or PC? (for Game Development).

NOVA: I get asked this question all the time. As a developer I think having a both is ideal. If I want to make a game for Windows or consoles I would use a PC, however I rather take the easy route to developing for iOS devices using a Mac.

I added the Alienware R3 13″ to my collection. I have had a MacBook for the past year (and PC always before that).

Game Development Laptop

In my process of finding the right gaming laptop, I tried a MSI and was not a big fan of how the keyboard felt. I could not get used to – it was odd. I settled for the R3 based on the small 13 inch size. The laptop includes; an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory, and the graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060.

I am still downloading software as I need to use it; Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Photoshop, Audition, Maya, After Effects, Illustrator, Quixel, Storyboard Pro, Toon Boom Animation Studio, Trapcode Particular, Premiere, Scaleform Studio and Corel Painter.

I hooked up the Xbox One Bluetooth joystick to the Alienware and left the Playstation Dualshock 3 controller for the MacBook.

Almost set. If only I could get the Windows 10 to acknowledge my headphones with this Alienware. I have no luck after installing different drivers.

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